A 5000 year old medical system from India...

A graduate from the esteemed, premier league, Gujarat University at Jamnagar, India, Dr Archana Rao B.A.M.S has traveled both far and wide in her quest to spread the principles of Ayurveda and pursue a philosophy of continuous study of natural, organic healing methods and techniques. This mindset of constant learning is the backbone of Archana’s approach as an Ayurvedic healer. 

Ayutherapy, based in Danville, California, offers a variety of Ayurvedic healing options. Typically, you will start with a one-on-one private ~90 minute consultation with Dr. Rao, where your health evaluation will occur. This will include a detailed analysis of your health history, lifestyle, diet, a physical analysis and a pulse reading. From here, a herb and/or therapy treatment course will be recommended. 


Let us show you how Ayurvedic treatment can help you:



I came to Archana in December of 2016 with 3 types of psoriasis.  Through her guidance of Ayurvedic medicine and panchakarma diet, my psoriasis cleared up by 75% in 6 months.  As we went into June and did the traditional panchakarma, the biggest benefit was that I went from being a chronis insomniac for 40 plus years to being able to get 7 hours of sleep a night.  I am grateful to Archana and for the healing that occurred while working with her.

Diane C, San Ramon, CA

I recently received Panchakarma treatment from Dr Rao and it was amazing. It's almost feel like I got a new life. I have more energy, concentration, clarity and overall I feel healthy. She explains the root cause of the issue and makes you understand the reason for your illness. She gave me a personalized diet plan as per my constitution. I have been seeing Dr Rao for almost 3 years now and can't say enough good things about her treatment. I also received pre natal and Post natal massage from her which always left me feeling relaxed and made my pregnancy most enjoyable time for me. I have recommended her to my sister who has come from another state to receive her panchakarma treatment.

Prachi T, Concord, CA

I highly recommend Dr Rao.  I had high blood pressure, hypertension and tremendous stress over the past few years. I came  to see Dr Rao to help me with my health issues. I've been now seeing her for past few months and I could not be more impressed and pleased with the results of her treatment. She is highly knowledgable and addresses your specific concerns. She prescribed Ayurvedic herbs , a special diet and nutrition, and meditation rituals for me. About two months after seeing her my blood pressure has been consistently perfect. I am no longer on any medications for blood pressure. She is an amazing doctor and I will continue to recommend friends and family to see her for any type of health issue.

Shree G, Danville, CA

I have been seeing Dr Rao for the past couple of months and my chronic back pain is much better now. She has done a series of spinal oil treatments called spinal basti on my spine and that has helped in reducing the inflammation in the muscles around my spine a lot. Apart from that she also gives Ayurvedic herbs to help improve the immune system and digestion, to promote overall health. I have had all kinds of treatments for my back pain in the last seven years but this is the first time that I have experienced a marked difference in my pain. Earlier I was not able to travel much, but after starting her treatment I went to Italy for about 15 days and had a great time.

Taru M, San Ramon, CA


I went to Archanaji for treatment for my aching joints and swollen muscles about 3 months ago. But, Archanaji gave me a new hope with her style of treatment by showing lot of personal concern and care. I feel much better now under her care and I would not hesitate to recommend her to any friend.

Yasodhara, San Ramon, CA


I had the most wonderful treatment that left me feeling soothed and relaxed on the inside and skin glowing on the outside.  Dr. Rao offers extensive ayurvedic treatments including specialized custom treatments that addresses your specific concerns, be it medical related, pain management, diet and nutrition.  I'm sure a lot more then I'm even mentioning here. I went to Dr. Rao because I have always wanted an abhyanga massage.  I was completely surprised later that day when I noticed that the tendonitis in my elbow was 90% better.  Prior to the massage I never even thought about mentioning my tendonitis to Dr. Rao but she noticed the problem and worked some magic.  When I got home and lifted a heavy cast iron pan I was waiting for the sharp pain to hit and realized the discomfort was barely there.  The next day I noticed another improvement.  When I was backing my car out of a parking space, I notice the range of motion in my neck had increased.  I am usually always tight in my neck.  I was able to turn my head without stiffness in my neck that prevented me from being able to turn without feeling discomfort.  

I've been getting massages on a monthly basis from other places, but never have I ever experienced such significant results that I got from Dr. Rao's treatment.  I can't wait to go back!

J.C, Fairfield, CA


The reviews on Dr. Rao's website mainly describe what a skillful massage therapist and healer she is. While I completely agree with those reviews,  Dr. Rao offers much more than therapeutic massage to anyone willing to open themselves up to Ayurvedic medicine and healing. I began seeing Dr. Rao for high blood pressure, back pain, and tinnitus (ringing in the ears) after seeing how much she was able to help my wife with a number of issues. By the end of the first month, my blood pressure had reduced to the point where I was able to cut the dosage of my regular meds in half and still have much better readings than before. My back pain has also lessened considerably and I have much more freedom of movement. The big surprise was how much more soundly I sleep and how much more energy I have generally. We're still working on the tinnitus, but it's been a very long term condition, so I didn't expect quick results, particularly since western doctors have told me to learn to live with it.


So, if you're interested in an absolutely excellent therapeutic and healing massage, I can recommend Dr. Rao without hesitation. As the other reviewers said, she is highly skilled and able to zero in on whatever issues you have and leave you feeling totally relaxed. But if you're willing to look at Ayurvedic medicine more broadly and follow Dr. Rao's recommendations regarding diet, herbs, stretching, pressure points,  etc.,  you'll experience what Ayurveda has to offer and the full benefit of this amazing healer.

M McDonald,  Alamo, CA


Dr. Rao is an excellent Ayurvedic physician.  She is thorough in her initial consultation, listens carefully and offers tremendous insight into the age old practice of Ayurveda.  Her customized treatment programs are holistic including diet and nutrition, herbs, movement and massage, all targeted for an individual’s constitution.  Her service is very professional and her being is pleasant and healing.  Dr. Rao has helped me understand the root cause of my chronic neck and shoulder pain which years of physical therapy and therapeutic massage could not relieve.  In doing so, she has finally helped me break the cycle of worry, stress and tension that I knew was contributing to my pain.  Dr. Rao made some adjustments my diet, prescribed herbs, taught me daily practices, suggested specific yoga postures and used her multiple massage therapies on my sore muscles.  After several months in Dr. Rao’s care, my neck and shoulder pain is significantly reduced, my digestion has improved, my sleep is less disrupted, my brian is less foggy and my migraines are under control.  In short, I feel better than I have in years, thanks to Dr. Rao!    

Sandra M, Alamo, CA


I had a full hip replacement 2 years ago followed by a car accident and also was diagnosed with osteoporosis and rheumatoid arthritis this year.  I could barely walk; I have a job that requires me standing 8 hours a day.   My hands have arthritis so bad, my thumbs started to have funny shapes and my hand hurt a lot. 

My friend Jaine suggested I see Archana Rao at Ayutherapy. I started seeing Dr. Rao 4 weeks ago and the very first time, I was able to walk away without pain. My walking used to be like if my shoes were too small for me and my feet hurt so much; now after 4 weeks of 2 times per week treatment, I walk and almost dance and run without looking funny-

The massage is not the traditional massage; (at least mine) I have low tolerance to pain, but Dr. Rao once she works her magic in an area, she places hot sand bags with herbs to calm the area.  She also added herbal medication to help... some black little ayurvedic pills to help my arthritis and hip pain, I didn't want to take them at first, afraid of the unknown.  She insisted I take them because they would help - now I quickly ask her to order my next month supply to make sure I don't go with out them.

If you are having similar pain I highly recommend her.  She has the patience of an angel and passion to cure or help people and she continues to amaze me.  Check her web site and if you have questions about my results, please contact me.

Patricia Roberts, Walnut Creek, CA 


I was looking for some Post natal Massage when a friend suggested Archana. I am glad that I did that. She is wonderful both professionally as well as person. I had stiffness in my left hand after delivery which she corrected with simple massage. She provided me tips and medicine for me & my daughter. Full body Massage was too good with herbal oil. She even worked on my stretch marks which has now been reduced a lot. She also worked on my neck & back also though I didn't ask for it. Her suggestions were very helpful. I am so thankful to her. I am looking forward for massage again on monthly basis. Thanks a lot Archana for everything.

Saroj E, San Ramon, CA


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